Designing sustainable solutions

When the man on the street hears many terms related to modern methods their minds seem to go blank and they stop trying to understand. If on the other hand they realize that the problems of sustainability are all directly related to deficiencies in the human thinking and actions which can be supported in various ways they sometimes get the message.

Helping humans understand that their errors and risks can be reduced is one of the most challenging but rewarding design goals. Being able to analyze a problem, define where it is likely to occur and documenting what methods can be employed to prevent it from being continuously repeated is pure design.

About IxDA Aabenraa

IxDA Aabenraa is a local chapter of IxDA, the international organization dedicated to Interaction Design. Interaction design means that we take on a holistic approach to technical solutions where we consider how these fit into a wider world with a focus on sustainability. For our day to day organisation we use the Ghent “Hackerspace Blueprint” as our governance principles. We welcome members of all genders, ages and backgrounds. We believe that diversity is a strength.